"Suntek has demonstrated the ability to develop innovative value-added products for the architectural glass industry. Our belief that Cloud Gel offers significant benefits to large European markets led to our signing an evaluation agreement with Suntek."

— Raymond Buekenhout, Managing Director, Saint-Roche of Saint-Gobain, the world's largest glass manufacturer with $15 billion annual sales.

"We see the potential for Cloud Gel and would like to move forward... Pilkington should consider Cloud Ge1 for all the major markets that we serve."

— Mike Wood, Market Manager, Advanced Products, Pilkington, the world's third largest glass manufacturer, with $5 billion annual sales.

"I am convinced that you have products which can be important to the glass industry. We would be very interested in testing and developing manufacturing techniques for Cloud Gel."

— R. Huffer, General Manager, Viracon, largest glass manufacturer in the U.S.

"Suntek offers significant technology for controlling light transmission, solar heat gain, and room insulation... Suntek's past success with the glass manufacturers indicates market knowledge of the glazing industry."

— J.R. Kiesel, Marketing Manager, Sheet Products, GE Plastics.

"We see a big market for our skylights in combination with Cloud Gel."

— Dr. D. Hegen, Director of Okalux, Europe's largest skylight maker.


Cloud Gel is a product for which we have been waiting... we expect a very high application potential for the European market."

— Dr. A. Goetzberger, then President, International Solar Energy Society.

"Bringing Cloud Gel to market gives designers a significant new tool for keeping people comfortable and the earth replenished - simply and inexpensively."

— Amory Lovins, Founder, Rocky Mountain Institute.

"Cloud Gel is an important product for reducing non-renewable energy consumption, making buildings more in tune with the natural world. It is the type of energy-efficient technology that we should invest in to create a sustainable society."

— Paul Hawken, author of "The Ecology of Commerce", and "Natural Capitalism".

"Suntek may change the whole approach to modem architectural solutions of today's building problems."

— S. Lehnert, President of Vector, the world's largest manufacturer of transparent buildings.