Suntek's purpose is to propagate earth-healing technology that helps nature survive the indiscriminate growth of industry, thus saving lives while making them more worth living. We join love and knowledge with power and results; separately they are useless. Money is the vehicle, along with some ideas about materials and architecture. Inventing materials that handle sunlight and are also very profitable has been the driver behind multinational corporations propagating Suntek's life-nurturing technologies globally and rapidly. All the technology in this website is in the public domain, except Sections 31, and 32.

Suntek provides the building industry with highly profitable proprietary technologies; its investors with a superior return on investment; and the public with products that reduce their energy bills and increase their heath. Products that open $21 (€ 14) billion markets for their Cloud Gel component alone, and that will provide one-sixth of the world's energy with no pollution or global warming, thus saving 1.5 million lives per year. (1)

Suntek's goal is to continue as the leading inventor and factory designer of renewable energy materials for the glazing industry, while branching into the solar heating products that these materials were invented for. Suntek achieves its goals with cutting edge materials research, knowledge of market needs and trends, and international, top level industry contacts that were made by inventing and entrepreneuring Low-E.

Low-E was developed by a team of only10, but it grew the window industry from approximately $30 to $100 billion, and is saving 14 million lives from coal and oil pollution. (1)

(1) see Section 19