Bob Cormia is one of the senior management and technical team selected by Chahroudi to start Southwall Technologies. Mr. Cormia had been the Production Manager at Airco Temescal, which, until 10 years ago, built 90% of the world's architectural glass coating factories. Another reason I asked him to join Suntek (at 2/3 of his previous salary) was his pivotal role in inventing the cutting edge coating process that Chahroudi chose to manufacture Low-E. At Suntek, Cormia helped develop the coating machinery and process for Low-E. With that done, he left Suntek for Southwall, where, as Research Director, he lead the team that scaled up the process for mass production.

Although Chahroudi invented Low-E, its commercialization never would have happened without Bob. When building the production machine in Germany fell behind schedule, he moved there for several months, spending all his waking hours on the production floor with a wrench in one hand and a screwdriver in the other. Embarrassing the machine builder's management into action. Innovation depends on this level of commitment.

Because the family of the initial and controlling investor in Southwall was, much to Chahroudi's surprise, among the founders of Gulf oil (and the CIA), and because Suntek replaced billions of oil with energy conserving windows, don't expect a good recommendation from Southwall's management. The following letter is from Mr. Cormia.