Due to limited staff, we can only respond to inquiries from people who can help move Suntek forward: Architects or Developers of large or dramatic environmental projects; large Manufacturers or Distributors to the building industry; or Investors. If you are interested in working with us, please indicate in which of these capacities in an e-mail to We would also like to learn of closely related developments in solar architecture and technology, and of errors in this website.

The architects for both the Eden Project (see Section 6) and the water sports stadium of the Beijing Olympics were interested in using the Weather Panel. At that time, Suntek was focused entirely on working with Saint-Gobain (the largest glass company), so we did not take advantage of those opportunities. But today we will do limited a production run of Cloud Gel and Weather Panel for such a "showcase" project.

This website provides complete technical and basic market and environmental benefit information about Low-E, Cloud Gel, Weather Panel, and Climate Envelope. Most of this technology is in the public domain. This website -- 200 pages including its four instructive patent references -- answers most questions for solar scientists and architects.

Although Suntek's factory can produce 10 million square feet of Cloud Gel per year, it is not in production because instead of selling product, we will build Cloud Gel Glazing factories for the glazing and solar industries and supply them with the proprietary Cloud Gel Polymer raw material. They will manufacture and market Cloud Gel glazing, Weather Panel, and Climate Envelope. For rapid global market saturation -- like Low-E -- we are following it's footsteps by sticking to what we do best: innovation and technology transfer.